Follow the rules : stay safe

It was great to be able to reopen the course on Wednesday 13th May. Processes and procedures are in place to makes sure that we are all safe from the moment of arriving at the club through to leaving after your game. 

The game is built around trust and etiquette, but the biggest change is maintaining ‘Social Distance’ to keep everyone safe. As we look to further guidance from the Government as to when we can move to 3 or 4 balls, arriving at, and leaving the golf club are the two key areas where ‘Social Distancing’ needs to be maintained. 

We have been asked to avoid any situation that would lead to ‘gatherings’ and I would like to congratulate all our Members and now their Guests who have made the first 12 days work extremely well. 

Now your routine has changed for arriving at the golf club, we still need to focus on leaving the club immediately after your round. The guidelines stipulate that you change at your car and leave the golf club immediately, avoiding creating or encouraging others to gather in groups. There is no ‘19th Hole’ in or around the Car Park after your round. 

The last 12 days have had their challenges, but thanks to everyone who has played and followed the processes we have put in place, have listened to what has had to be said and have appreciated the hard work that has been done to help you get back to golf. 

Remaining open is reliant on everyone following the guidelines as we have applied them to our golf club.


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