October Round Up 31/10/2022

Autumn Trophy Results Round 1
Fifty members took part in the first round of the Autumn Trophy playing a Medford, the
front nine holes of Stableford and the back nine of Medal play. 
The leading scores after subtracting the Stableford score from the Medal score were as
1st  Ollie Battams, Giles Hinch & Ken Kirk   32 
2nd Steve Burton, Kevin Robertson  & Michael Gromett  33
3rd  Fraser Jones, Ray Catton & John Rigby 35


Latest result Monday October 31st
1 st  John Squires & Bettyne Norton   nett 36.4
2 nd  Jim McQuillan & Maureen McCall  nett 37.0
3 rd  Alan & Drina Terzza  nett 37.6
Best fourball  John Squires & Bettyne Norton with Haydn & Liz Snow  nett 76.2

SENIORS: Captain v Vice Captain
Tuesday 25 th: October saw 40 players turn up early for bacon cobs and coffee before the
serious business of the Captain’s team versus the Vice Captain’s team challenge. This was a
full handicap foursomes event with each four selected to be as evenly matched as possible
resulting in some very competitive pairings going out and some very good golf being played.
Despite the Captain having the first pick of players for each fourball the Vice Captains team
were victorious on the day winning by 7.5 to 2.5. The winning pairs for the Vice Captains
team were: Charlie Chapman and Steve Harris, Neil Farish and Haydn Snow, Bob Purkis and
Richard Haines, Robin Jones and Den Dayman, Dick Chapman and Graham Page, Bob Lemon
and Alan Hodgkinson, Al Terzza and Jim McQuillan with David Mckain and Joe Carrington
getting the half against Brian Wray and Nigel Vernon. The winning pairs for the Captains
team were: Phil Millward and Graham Jardine and John Squires and Eddie Cham.

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