Leader Board/Order of Merit 2021

FINAL ORDER OF MERIT – well done to everyone who took part.

Order of Merit #17

Almost there….

Order of Merit #16

The last jostling of places to be ready for the shoot-out…..

Order of Merit #15 – there have been a couple of new entries into the top ten and only 2 competitions to go…..

Order of Merit #14 – not a great deal of change this time, but there are still 3 competitions to go so all to play for to make into the top 30.

Order of Merit #13 – Well, well – there has been quite a lot of movement in the top ten this week so it is all still to play for even after 18 events. Of note is Charles Fitzgerald moving from 70th position to 9th on the leader board.

Order of Merit #12 – this includes the results from the two latest competitions with Bill Crichton still holding onto first place, but Toby Earl and Brendan Boyce moving up into the top ten.

Order of Merit #11 – Bill has held onto first place with only a few competitions left.

Order of Merit #10 – Bill Crichton moves into first place now with his two recent wins and some players have moved a good 10 places up the leaderboard.

Order of Merit #9 – not so much movement this week, but there are contenders moving into the top 20 ready to challenge.

Order of Merit #8 – congratulations to the three new players who have moved into the top 10.

Order of Merit #7 – well done to Connor Beeken who has crept back into the top 10.

Order of Merit #6 – three new names in the top ten now with this new order of merit after 9 events.

Order of Merit #5 – Darren Mackie now moves up into first place with 875 points from 6 competitions entered and Ian Hickman has secured a top ten place up from a previous 19th.

Order of Merit #4 – Billy Farmer retains first place at the moment, but Thomas Kempin moves up to 2nd and Philip Green moves into the top 10.

Order of Merit #3 – there has been quite a change in the top 20. Congratulations to those who have rocketed up the Leader Board!

Order of Merit #2

Order of Merit #1:

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