On Thursday 15th August, Melton Seniors hosted Radcliffe-on-Trent Seniors and following their previous meeting they were expecting a close match. A few of the matches were nip and tuck over the first few holes.  However, Melton got a grip on several of the matches and Radcliffe found it difficult to pull the matches from the Melton players. The outcome was a whitewash to Melton even though some of the matches were very close.

The winning pairings were as follows: Seniors’ Captain Dick Chapman & Eddie Cham won 3 & 2: Dave Bentley & Chris Vose won 6 & 5: Dave Wells & Joe Carrington won 5 & 3: Richard Faubert & Alan Terrza won 2 & 1: Bob Luke & Bob Purkis won 2 up:  Ken Longbottom & Charlie Chapman won 5 & 4: Julien Kisiel & Martin Rooney won 4 & 3: Pat Lee & Brian Wray won 3 & 2.

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